I Need Your Ideas

I like to bake at Christmas time.  It’s something about the smells of things baking with the Christmas lights in the background twinkling that just make my heart melt.  I’ve even been known to have cookie exchanges for all of my favorite ladies to share their best baking creations.  But this year it seems that I’m fresh out of ideas.  I ask my kids what they want and I get the “I dunno”, I ask my husband what he wants and I get the “I don’t really need any of it” (he does have a little problem with portion control).  So what is an uninspired girl to do?  I’m begging.  Please if you have a great recipe I would love for you to share.  Cookies, cakes, candies, pies, bars, anything would be much appreciated.  I would love to have some simple things that the kids could help with.  Or if someone could just bring back to mind some traditional things that have left my memory that would be great too.  You don’t even have to leave the recipe, just leave me a name of the dish and I’ll Google it.   I’m thanking you all in advance!

3 thoughts on “I Need Your Ideas

  1. we call it dog chow, and it’s SO good. I know, the name is horrible. It’s fun to work with the kids with, and nice little individual bites that are yummy!

    Pioneer Woman is hosting Cookie Week – I haven’t clicked on any of her recipes yet and I know she said she was using alcohol in some of them, but it’s worth a look. Her apple dumplings are to die for. Just ask my Dad. Oh, and you make them with Mountain Dew which I know your David would love. 🙂

    Oh my word, this looks YUM-tastic!

  2. I am the mom of 4 children, 3 boys and a girl, too! We homeschool and each December we take 2 days and bake candy with my mom here at our house. We count these as school days, since my children are completely involved in the work.

    W e make an array of candy: peanut clusters, pinwheels, dip candy, butterballs, fudge, mints etc. We make triple batches of everything, and though we do keep some for ourselves, my kids and I box them up in small containers put a pretty ribbon on them and give them away. We give them to their Sunday school teachers, we take them to our neighbors, and hand them out after our family Christmas dinners and our Christmas party we host here each year!

    It’s a lot of fun and my kids (and I) love to be able to give away something we worked so hard to make!

    I hope this gives you some great ideas!
    May God bless your family abundantly this Christmas season!

  3. Thanks guys you gave me some great ideas! Andrea do you mind moving in next door? 🙂 I could really use another homeschool buddy close by. Thanks for the comment I would love to start a tradition like that with our kids.

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