It Bears Consideration

I love Christmas but for the last few years I can’t shake this feeling of hypocrisy.  I fill my winter spending hours on end searching the Internet for gifts to buy my children.  I tell my kids life is not about their possessions.   I organize gift exchanges, write names on little pieces of paper, and buy generic gifts for people who need for nothing.  I tell my kids there are people in the world who don’t have food for Christmas.   I make sure my kids know the real meaning of Christmas as they’re tearing gifts and listening to Jingle Bells.

I don’t like being a hypocrite.

My husband and I discuss why Christmas is the way that it is, when did it become this, and where did we (as a society) lose our focus.  There’s no blaming this on Walmart.

We ask each other “Why do we do what we do?”,  it usually comes back to “Because we’ve always done it this way.” , that’s never a good reason.

It annoys our families when we think this way.  We’re sorry, we don’t purposefully stir the pot, really.

I’m just saying, maybe it bears consideration….

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