Monday Mind Dump….Late Edition

Yes, I slacked off last night.  Casey had a homeschool meeting so it was just me and the kids.  When she got home and laid B4 down to sleep it was a little late and we had other things that needed to be taken care of.

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Saturday we slept in!  We got up at 8.  Had some cottage cheese pancakes and went to Burlington.  We went by our homeschool group market in Burlington.  It was mostly filled with homemade treats and jewelry.  I ended up buying some pepper jelly.  The boys bought some snacks with their money.  Casey got a couple of Christmas presents.

Next it was back home, rush to eat lunch and get everyone dressed for a wedding.  We are running around the house ironing clothes, getting kids dressed and it starts snowing.  You can only imagine how it was trying to wrangle them in while we had flurries outside.  The wedding was beautiful!  Two people from our church got married.  They are great and we wish them many happy years.  The setting for pictures was wonderful after we got out of the ceremony.  Snow was everywhere.

We came back home and the boys were changed in no time to get back into the snow.  When B3 and I walked out B2 had already rolled a snowball bigger than him.  B3 didn’t last long outside, he had to go back in to warm up.  For some unknown reason B1 takes his socks off once he gets outside in the snow.  His feet were frozen!

We took a walk pretty far out in the woods and came across a pretty good size buck out looking for food.  B2 chased him for a second before he started complaining of frozen feet too.  Back inside to warm up for all of us.  It was a nice time outside with the sights of snow falling and trees covered.

This week has been pretty busy so far with meetings and things.  Thursday I either have jury duty or an all day retreat at work.  I’m hoping for jury duty!  You know it is bad if that is the better option.

Saturday we have a Christmas party with the 4h club and then I’m going to take B1 and B2 to the Eastern Alamance football game.  They are playing for the State 3A Championship.

Sunday we are having a “Welcome Christmas at Church”.  We are eating at 5:00 and having services afterward.  Everyone is invited, we would love to have you!

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