I'm Smooth

We had our mid year retreat at work today.  It started off at 8:00 in another building on campus.  I pulled in a few minutes early and headed up to the room we normally have our meetings in.  I looked in the door and didn’t see anyone in there.  I had to find the agenda on my phone and see where the meeting was being held.  I wasn’t familiar with the name of the building the meeting was in and I was already going to be late.

I hopped in the car and drove across campus and found the area where the building was in.  I found the building, but needed to find the room.  I heard a bunch of noise and followed it until I found the room.  They had just started the meeting and the room was packed.  I shuffled in trying to be quiet and there were no open seats.  I headed to the back of the room and found a chair and carried it up to the tables.  No one would make a space for me to pull the chair in.  Meanwhile, my bosses boss is still talking about our retreat.

I finally squeezed in between two people and as soon as I sat down the chair broke.  It was just a little bit and I was holding it with my foot.  No one noticed and I would just quietly get another after he finished talking.   Five minutes later, the chair broke all the way.  Loud noise, me trying to grab onto something, but I didn’t hit the floor.  By that time everyone, all 45 people were looking and laughing.  I hurried up to the back and got another chair.

Our boss was using his time to setup the meeting as a halftime speech at a football game.  He said just like halftime you sometime have to make equipment changes.  During the break my boss came up and told me I made a smooth entrance and that I needed to lay off on the Christmas cookies.

So yes, I am smooth!  And a word to the wise during the Christmas season, check your chair!

2 thoughts on “I'm Smooth

  1. Too funny! We used to make Steve sit in any chair that we wanted to get rid of. I lost count of the number of chairs that he has broken in our presence.

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