Getting Old

Short post for tonight, but just wanted to put a thought in your head about speaking your mind.  Have you ever heard an old person just speak their mind?  I don’t know if it is due to them just being sick and tired of being quiet or their mind is slipping.  Either way, I respect it.

Today we had our 4H Christmas Party and they had adopted an elderly lady for Christmas.  All the families brought presents for Ms. Martha and she opened them.  She opened a pair of small slippers and her reaction was classic.  “I don’t like these.  I wanted the boots that come up around your ankles.  My ankles get cold!”  I’m sorry, but that was funny.  She was just being honest.  She was grateful, but truthful.  On the other hand, if my kids would have had this reaction to a present they had received I would have a problem.

Another incident I remember is from a few years ago at church.  An older lady was at the back door talking to the pastor holding the line up for a while.  An older lady in front of me yelled up to the front, “Hurry up, don’t nobody care.  I’m hungry.”  Rude?  Maybe.  Was she speaking what was in other’s minds?  Maybe.  Did she care?  Nope!

I have told Casey in the past to be forewarned when I get older I’m going to speak my mind and blame it on the age…..  Somehow I don’t think I will be though.

Have you heard an older person speak their mind lately?  Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Getting Old

  1. mmm, yes, Casey and I both get many comments on our parenting style. shoes vs no shoes, baby wearing vs not, and recently, if I’d just MAKE him D would walk. Or, if I’d just put some hard bottomed shoes on him, I wouldn’t have that problem! YIKES!

  2. I want to be one of those smiling old ladies whose words make people feel good, rather than the crotchety old lady whose words make people cringe. Yes, I know an old lady who used to open presents and say things like, ” I don’t need this,” or, “I already have five of these,” or, “Why did you get me this?” or, “I have one of these I never use.”

  3. Grandma – I really think you will be one of those good nice ones. 🙂 I come away from being with you with a smile on my face every time. You are a joy!

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