Mind Dump Monday- 20 Questions

Questions We’ve Answered In the Last 24 Hours

1- What is the Lottery?

2- Why is it okay for Daddy to call B2 a “hard head” but not me?

3- How long do babies grow in your stomach?

4- Why do I get goosebumps when I’m cold?

5- Will my skin really freeze if I go outside when it’s really cold?

6- Why do I have to turn my shirt around?

7- Why can’t I eat my leftover cheeseburger for breakfast?

8- Why do they sell root beer with other soft drinks?

9- Why does Mama always argue with me?

10- Why does Mawmaw always think that the whether man is right?

11- Why can’t we go inside to eat Mexican?

12- Why would anyone think that they could come back to life as a cow?

13- Why did the Pilgrims steal the Indian’s corn?

14- Who was the first baker ever to be on T.V.?

15-What is pasta made out of?

16- Why would you spend a dollar on a ticket, you can buy lots of things with a dollar?

17- What are swaddling clothes?

18- Why is baby Jesus in a barn?

19- When you go to fight in a war, can come home whenever you want?

20- Can I show this dance to my cousins?

And for every one that we remember there’s about 100 that we forget.

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