Cherished Time

When you are old and gray and you look back at the time you spent with your kids what will that time look like.  Everyone gathered around the fireplace playing board games?  Everyone around the table eating meals laughing and talking?  I find times in my life when I have to stop, take in the moment and remember that they will soon be gone.  After hearing of a family who lost their child this week to a freak furniture accident I have to cherish every second I have with them.  The 30 minute ride home from the back country of Caswell County that included a B4 crying her head off.  I feel blessed that she has a healthy set of lungs and I know she is there in the seat because I can hear her 🙂

I had to replace a faucet today in the bathroom.  Things were going well to start with.  Casey was in there we were talking, B1 was handing me tools and asking questions.  A little while later everyone was gone and I was enjoying the quiet while being stuck in the small vanity working.  Then B3 wandered in from his bedroom where he was supposed to be napping.  I’m laying under the sink and he promptly took a seat firmly on my stomach and started talking.  Then he jumped on my stomach and lept onto the toilet seat. “Hey Daddy I see you!”  He was looking down the hole in the sink at me.  He then proceeded to jump off the toilet seat onto my stomach.  He then laid on top of my chest and stomach and watched me finish.

He WAS supposed to be in the bed taking a nap.  I could have insisted on him going back in there and laying down, but it was much easier to enjoy the time.  I knew that we both would pay for the lost nap later on today.  I have to remind myself daily to enjoy the time, take the time and not to let outside forces take that joy.

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