Mind Dump Monday- Christmas Break

-The kids and I have started our Christmas break.  It was nice to have an unstructured day today.  The boys were all able to spend some time with my dad running some “manly” errands this morning.  We spent our afternoon painting some pieces to a ceramic nativity scene and doing some other things here and there.  My only trip outside was to run to the grocery store during “quiet time” and buy ingredients to make a coconut cake.  My mom and I spent tonight working on the cake, it takes a long time to make a coconut cake just in case you didn’t know.

-The B’s have all been in varying moods for the last week or so since they’ve all had a cold.  We’re praying that we’re on the back end of the cold though and that everyone will be well for Christmas.

– We had a candlelight service last night at church that was just lovely.  Fortunately we managed to make it through without catching our pew on fire.

– As part of our Advent devotional yesterday I gave up all cell phone and computer use for twenty four hours and I enjoyed it.

– David did not give up cell phone and computer use but he did give up sugar and caffeine, I’m not sure how much he enjoyed it.

– At any given time in our house someone is wearing an article of clothing backwards, inside-out, or both.

– B1 learned today that even if you wear socks with your water shoes your feet will get wet if you walk in the mud.

– Sarah Palin has officially won me over, I would love to visit Alaska.

– There is a large part of me that wants to get up at 2:00 am to see the eclipse tomorrow but for now I’m tired so I’ll see everyone later in the week!

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