I am so thankful for our time away at the beach!

I am thankful for the man to man talk B1 and I shared while sitting in the parking lot of a Whales, Wings, Waves, Beaches (Whatever the name was) store waiting on B2 and B3 and Casey.  Some quotes that came out of that conversation, “I can just order a wife online” “I want to work at an eating place” “There are some bad(girls) out there.  Our conversation came out of Casey commenting that this year he would be 9, which was half of his childhood.  B1, being our worrier, is already planning for jobs, houses and a wife.  He was comforted when I told him he had $400 in his savings account.  He is shooting for $1000 before he moves out.  Yes, I had to be the responsible one to tell him he wouldn’t make it long on $1000.

I am thankful for my wife who can fix any toy!  Especially the new nerf guns that the boys are fixated on.  When B2 gets his ammo stuck in the barrel she will stick her finger in to get it out.  And yes, get it stuck, and start yelling for help.  Me, always the cool cucumber, can dislodge her finger while rubbing soap around her finger and finishing my chips from lunch.  Toy Tip… (Don’t stick your finger in a nerf gun!)

I am thankful that B4 is starting to eat real food.  She decided to do this our first night at the beach.  Casey had just finished a half rack of ribs and B4 wanted to get in her lap.  B4 reached down and started cleaning the meat off the ribs Casey missed.  Later in the trip B4 learned what Sweet Tea tasted like.  No turning back now.

I am thankful for the curiosity/caution of B3.  While on the beach I came across a small plastic dinosaur someone had left in the sand.  The water was washing over it and it was half buried in the sand.  I dug it out of the sand and left it on the beach.  I called B3 over and he got closer and saw what I was looking at.  He ran back to Casey.  Casey asked him what it was and B3 said, “A baby dinosaur”.  Of course being a great brother, B1 picked it up and started chasing him around the beach with it.

I am thankful for B2 and his generosity.  The boys received some cash for Christmas and we promised them they could spend some of it while we were away.  B2 bought a couple of gifts and treated everyone to ice cream one night.

I am thankful for the great time at night with my wife planning for a great 2011.

And of course I am thankful to God for all these blessings!

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