Reflect and Readjust

Twice a year my husband and I make it a point to find some time to reflect and readjust.  The first time is around the first of the year and the second time is in May after our school year is over and usually around the time of our state homeschool conference.  This year we turned the first  into a little vacation and took all the B’s to the beach for a few days after Christmas.

We filled our days with swimming, playing at the beach, and various other vacation activities and after all the B’s were tuckered out David and I broke out the computers and notebooks and went to work.  We talked about all that’s been good over the last year and the things that haven’t quite worked out.  We talked about goals for us as individuals and goals for our family.  We talked about things we want to accomplish within 5 years and 10 years (we didn’t get very far on the 10 year thing once we realized that we would have 4 teenagers at one time) :).

It’s important for us to have these times of reflection and readjusting built into our year.  God gives us a small amount of time on this earth to do His work and we feel like we need to use it the best that we can.  So how about you?  Whether you make resolutions for the new year or just look back at the past year, tell us what your times of reflection and renewal include.

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