I realized that it had been quite a while since I posted any real updates on the B’s so I thought this was way past due.


He’s a little over a month from turning 9 years old.  He has a love of camo and the idea of hunting although I’m pretty sure that he would not actually like to hunt anything.  He has recently taken up the hobbies of photography and cooking.  I love that he takes initiative, he is an all-around great helper.  After reading an article in school about companies that are building/selling very small houses in an attempt to market to those who want to downsize their lives he made a pact with his brother (sealed with a high-five) that they would each buy a small house and attach them together so they could live close to one another.


You’ll often find him hidden away reading a book or maybe using his “stuff” that he collects around the house to built his creations.  He’s still got the best memory of any of us.  He asked for a microscope and a remote control helicopter for Christmas.  He’s such a comedian and just all around happy go lucky kid.


He loves his little sister and plays great with her most of the time.  He has such a personality and really says some of the funniest things.  He can dress himself and brush his own teeth.  He’s a dipper and loves his salsa, guacamole, and honey mustard.  He loves to “sneak” with his brothers and is quite a whiz on his little computer games.


She’s finally decided that she enjoys real food.  She happily ate ribs at the beach and is now enjoying all kinds of fruits and a few veggies.  Her hair is growing, we’ll say it’s because my mom insists on giving her a trim on every new moon.  She still loves shoes and has been gifted quite a few pairs lately, she likes to pick out her own to wear.  She carries around her baby dolls and loves on them and it makes my heart melt.  She’s saying many words and calls all fruit pineapple. Oh and this one, she’s got daddy wrapped.

I just love these guys, I’m so blessed!

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