I'm Unsocial

I gave Facebook a try for over a year.  Here’s my pro/con list.


You can find people from your past and communicate with them (that’s only a pro if you have a good past).

You can “like” companies that you deal with and sometimes get good coupons and deals with them.


Some people use status updates in place of talking to themselves, I just talk to myself.

It’s full of ads and sometimes viruses, don’t click on that link!

Ugh, the games.

It’s awkward when you get a friend request from someone that you probably wouldn’t choose to interact with otherwise (how long can you really ignore a friend request without it looking purposeful?).

If you were my friend on Facebook please know that I value your friendship very much, it’s just that it was Facebook not you.  🙂  You can always contact me by email or follow me or ourfourblessings on Twitter.  But I’ll warn you I don’t tweet very much.  Or course you can keep up with us here, it’s much easier to post here at a time when I can really organize all of my thoughts into a post.  If you see me out in public you could even walk up and talk to me and I’ll try not to run and hide.  As for Facebook, it just wasn’t for me, but hey no judgement here if it’s your thing then go for it.

Now I’m going to get back to searching for that secluded house in the woods.  🙂

One thought on “I'm Unsocial

  1. I agree with you, Casey. Ricky calls me a FB stalker. I read other’s posts, but seldom post anything myself. And the majority of what I read I think, “Why did I just waste my time reading that.” One thing I want to do in the new year is to start my own blog.

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