Mind Dump Monday

Another snowy and icy Monday here at our home while typing this Mind Dump Monday post.

Last night we had the first night of Masters Club at church and it went well!

Casey hasn’t been to church with me in the past few weeks.  I pray these kids will get better quick.  It would be nice to sit in a service with my wife again.

Praying for some friends of ours, their whole family has been sick.  Just read she has fractured her arm as well.

We are supposed to be on a two hour delay tomorrow.  I’m guessing we will be out all day….. I guess we will see.

I don’t play the lottery and have some strong views on it.  Someone felt the need to litter our yard last week with Carolina Pick 4 Lottery tickets.  I went around and picked them up.  I can honestly say I have never bought a ticket, so these tickets were strange to me.  There were 10 tickets with the same number on them all.  Why would someone buy 10 tickets and play the same number?

Casey and I both deleted our Facebook accounts almost three weeks ago.  It has been nice and the time saved has been useful.

After I post this Casey and I are doing our devotions together and talk about Chapter 1 of the book we are reading together.

I will soon post pictures of some of the great Christmas presents I received….  Yeah I know, I am a slacker….

Casey has me on a hunt for a new blog design so stay tuned.

I caught B1 on my laptop the other day searching for something.  He said he just wanted to read his website, OurFourBlessings.

My brother was supposed to start his first day today as a student teacher.  He had a snow day.  Now he gets to make it up on Saturday.


That is all, carry on, enjoy ice and snow tomorrow.  Be careful!

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