Snow Day With Daddy

I’ve heard another stay-at-home mom compare the arrival of her husband from work in the evening to that of Christmas morning.  I can relate.  Some days just the knowing that at 5:30 I will have an extra set of hands is just bliss.  You can only imagine what it’s like when daddy gets a day off of work because of snow and ice.

It might as well be a week long vacation.

Of course our kids didn’t get a free day because the weather was frightful but we did make a compromise and agree to let everyone spend some time playing outside before we got started with school today.

Everyone competes for daddy’s attention.

I’m not actually sitting on B3 here, but it kinda looks like it.

B1 is actually licking a pole though, I’m not sure what to say about that.

Just a side note, David and I are both wearing snow jackets from high school.  It’s probably not the only clothing we still own from high school.

No way am I cancelling school because daddy’s home, I’m excited to have some help.

Who else could have fixed the fan?

It was a good day home with daddy.

At the end of the day everyone is tired and there is the looming fact that tomorrow will not be a snow day home with daddy.  But today, it was perfection!

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