New Years Reso… Changes

Hello, my name is David.  I am a Sugarholic.  Soft drinks, cake, cookies, pastries, pies, candy bars you name I’ll eat it.  Mountain Dew and a honey bun, yes breakfast of champions!  So since January 1 I have been sugar free.  It has been hard.  The hardest has probably been soft drinks and birthdays.  Nothing beats a good birthday cake.  Bypassing the cake at my brother’s birthday was a turning point.  If I can give up the cake it will pretty much be a piece of ….. bread from here on out.

I do plan on slowly reintroducing my body to sugar as some point.  My plan is to start back exercising next week.  I can already feel a difference in my day to day health.  I haven’t checked blood pressure or even weight but I can tell a difference.  I am sorry to the employee(s) that have been laid off at Little Debbie and PepsiCo.  Casey has been great with meals and desserts, especially the low sugar blueberry cheesecake she made.  OK, watching everyone eat brownies in front of me the other night was kind of mean.

I am going to end this now post because it is starting a craving that I will not be able to quench!

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