Patience is a Virtue

I’m an appreciator of music but I myself have no musical ability.  This makes if difficult when it’s time to teach music in school.  Sure we can learn about famous composers and musicians and listen to music but I don’t have the ability to teach them how to play an instrument or even sing a tune.  Unfortunately being first seat clarinet in middle school did not go on to serve me very well later in life and even if I did still remember how to play my clarinet, how many clarinet soloist do you know?

B1, B2, and I were able to be a part of a field trip this week at a local music store.  The boys were able to hear a nice selection of instruments and even got to hold and play some themselves.  Although I don’t  think I’ll be signing anyone up for bongo lessons anytime soon it’s a great desire of mine and David’s to give the kids a chance to take some kind of music lessons.  I myself would love to be able to play the piano and B1 shares this same desire, B2 on the other hand declares himself  a guitar man which I also think would be nice. Of course since the field trip the boys have been even more excited about being able to learn to play an instrument.

In case you’re out of the loop let me tell you, instruments are expensive and then there’s the lessons *sigh*.

So chances are music lessons are not going to be in our immediate future.  Hopefully one day they will but I’m pretty sure it will be a while.  For now we’re praying (as are the boys) that something will come along to maybe make this wish possible.  Maybe it will, or maybe not.

The whole point here is this, instead of going out and finding a way for the boys to do something that I myself would like to see them do but could possibly be a large finical obligation for our family we’re going to help them pray that opportunities arise in the future.  It’s unwise to fall into the habit of doing everything possible to make things like this happen for our kids right now.  I dare say that this is why most kids are exceptionally impatient and extremely self centered.  We are parents are making them this way.  I had a teacher in high school that always proclaimed this “Patience is a Virtue” she also said “Silence is Golden” (that doesn’t really apply here) but she was totally right.  Now if we as adults could just get this through our heads maybe we could help to pass it along to our kids.

Have a blessed weekend all!

2 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. As a homeschooling mom of 4, I too, want my children to have the option to learn about music through experience. However, financially, that is not possible at this tim for us. My husband is a drummer and my oldest son is learning a little bit from him. I also would love to be able to play the piano!

    I do have a suggestion that is working for us. Since you did play the clarinet, can you still read music? I know very, very little about reading music, so we have purchased a beginner piano book (we started with the primer level). I am learning (by teaching myself) along with my boys. A music teacher told us the best age for kids to start learning is around 7, so that is the age I started with my older boys (who are 7 and 9).

    My goal is to make sure my kids can at least read music by learning piano, then once they can read music it will be easier to learn other instruments! Even though we are learning on our own, with NO professional help, we are still learning, and we are having a blast! My 9 year old isn’t crazy about it (he prefers the drums) but my 7 year old and I are starting the Level 1 book now, and he is so proud of what he has learned.

    The best thing: we are only out about $8 for the book (besides the piano of course, but we bought ours used and got a really great deal)!

    Praying this is of help to you all!
    God bless!

  2. That’s a very good point that my husband and I were just discussing tonight. We could go ahead and try to teach them to read music (I still have a limited memory of that). We also realized that we have a computer program that has very good visual lessons for both guitar and piano. It’s encouraging to hear that you are making strides with lessons on your own because we have certainly considered that. Thanks for the comment!

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