As I’m pulling laundry out of the dryer I hear the familiar voice behind me, “Mama are there any matching socks in there?”.  I hand B2 a pair of socks and he quickly pulls them onto his ice cold feet.  He never wears shoes in the house but during the winter he’s always waiting at the dryer when it’s time to get clothes out to snatch a pair of warm socks.  He closes his eyes and smiles at his now warm feet.  Before he runs upstairs he leaves me with one thought that I can’t get out of my head all day.  “The warm always wins mama, it always beats the cold”.  My immediate reaction is that he just misspoke of course it’s the cold that always wins the warm socks quickly fade into the cold, the warm doesn’t last.  But the more I ponder my second sons words the more I realize that our differing opinions on the matter could possibly be in part because of my outlook on the things in this world.  Wouldn’t it be nice for the warmth to always win.  For the good to always triumph over the evil.  For the blessings in life to outweigh the disappointments.  That’s when I realize he’s right.  In a day filled with horrific news stories that rock the very foundation of life I’m reminded that in the end the good will win.  His work will be done and His work is good, right, and always perfect.  Sometimes it’s hard to look at the bigger picture to not become harden and callous about the things that happen in this world.  I want to have the perspective of this child the one that knows in the end his feet will be warm, comforted by the cold things in life.

Have a peaceful weekend and spend some time with His Words.

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