Life By Committee

“How many contacts will I have for the project?”  “Well, me, John, Jim, Katie, Pete and probably Ed”

This is a scary and common response when dealing with groups on web projects or any kind of project for that matter.  I received a call yesterday from one of my freelance clients.  This particular client was tough because there were three point people for the site.  All three men were great guys to work with, but they all three wanted different things for the site.  Plus all three are in different states.  So they want to go with another web company to do their site.  I totally understand for one because I do this on a less than part-time basis.

I also run into this problem at work when a department comes to us for a new site.  One person wants this color and these links, another wants these images and no links, the third doesn’t want any links or images.  We call this design by committee.  We have made it a point at work to appoint one person to be the lead from a department.  This one point person will collect everyone elses input and be the final decision maker.

Now, let’s look at this in the aspect of our lives.  When we make a decision do we consult everyone out there?  Do we go person by person in our head and think about how they will react to our choice?  We called the multiple client design, design by committee, could this be called life by committee?  There is One we should consult.

I’m sure there are people out there that look at the decisions we make as being weird.  Guess what, we don’t make our decisions based on what others are going to think.  I will have to answer to God one day on the decisions I make for myself and my family, I will not have to answer to man.

Our designs by committee at work always end up looking like a patchwork quilt, nothing like a cohesive design.  I feel lives by committee turn out the same way, nothing really consistent, pleasing this person this week and this person the next week.  We have all fallen into this trap, thinking that we need to please everyone all the time.  Sometimes it is just easier to do something to please someone else even though it is against what you believe you should do just to keep the peace.  This does not make it right though.

We don’t always practice this in our lives, but we are aware of it.  I pray that we can grasp the concept of having to answer to God one day and what we do to please Him matters most.

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