In the long run…. and Crockpot oatmeal

I’ve been doing lots of planning lately.  I’ve been inspired from reading other people’s blogs to finally sit down and make a monthly menu for our family’s meals.  Let me tell you up front, it’s a lot of work.  Planning breakfasts, lunches, and suppers for the whole month, whew it took a lot of brainpower.  Okay I may be exaggerating a little but I thought it was a large undertaking which is why I’ve avoided it like the plague until now.  I took a step in the right direction last month by using a menu that someone else had planned and while I did have to make a few substitutions to fit our normal diet it helped me greatly to have this all laid out as I was doing my weekly shopping.  Now I’m so proud to have my own little menu for the month of February sitting in a nice Google calender and posted on the frig telling me what I should be cooking for each meal each day and if all works lovely I should have every ingredient I need for each meal.  This will help in the long run, right?

Now follow me while I talk about chores.

Our kids, starting at an early age, are expected to do some sort of chores around the house.  Now that we have more children it’s getting harder to keep track of these chores and who’s supposed to be doing what.  Enter Chorepacks.  Steven and Teri Maxwell, who happen to be way more organized that I, have written the book Managers of Their Chores.  So, I’ve been in the process of trying to get the Chorepacks ready with the chores that each child should do on a daily and weekly basis.  Again this takes some work up front but in the long run, it’s certainly going to be worth it.

And now to jump around one more time let’s talk about oatmeal.  We eat quite a bit of this around the house.  For a while I’ve been seeing different recipes for oatmeal that you cook in the Crockpot overnight.  That would be great right?  So I tried a few recipes and nothing really turned out too promising, I attribute this to the fact that all Crockpots (slow cookers is a more correct term I guess) cook differently.  After many tries I finally came up with a recipe that works for us.  So I’ll share. Oh yeah, keep in mind that my recipes don’t include much measuring, I’m more of an eyeball it kinda girl.

1 cup of Steel Cut Oats (you can find these with the other kids of oatmeal, they are not rolled oats the are cut so they look different)

5 cups of water

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats


White or Brown Sugar

Add in’s that you like (fresh or dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon, bananas, peanut butter, canned pumpkin, etc.)

Spray your oval shaped Crockpot with cooking spray, add in steel cut oats and water.  Cook overnight ( about 7 hours) on low.  In the morning (about 30 mins. before you want to eat) add in enough extra water and old fashioned rolled oats to make enough for your family**.  Also add in butter and sugar and what ever other add in’s you like.  In about 30 mins. you can turn the Crockpot off and eat your yummy oatmeal that’s all hot and ready for you.

** Steel cut oats are supposed to be better for you because…., well you should probably just Google it.  Anyway I mix the steel cut oats with the rolled oats because the steel cut oats are, in my opinion, very expensive.  Also this allows me to add in what I want to get just the right consistency to fit us.

Some of our favorite combinations to-date are:  peanut butter banana, dried cranberry and pecans and pureed strawberries with cream.

Have a great Friday.

3 thoughts on “In the long run…. and Crockpot oatmeal

  1. I’ve been trying to do better about meal planning and refusing to eat out if at all possible. Sometimes, in our busy life, it unfortunately becomes necessary, but I did come up with a cute alternative last night to the happy meal! CJ wanted a happy meal, and I told him no…..but we had to go to the store to get cherry juice for David’s gout……and I found some dinosaur all white meat nuggets and some little potato snacks my Aunt had made before that were shaped like happy faces – it’s mashed potatoes frozen into smiley faces and when you bake them they become like smile fries. Anyway, cheaper, faster (both bake in 15 minutes) and I think healthier too because they were baked, and we weren’t stuck with some cheap random toy that seem to hang around until the end of time.

    wow, that was a tangent.

    Anyway, please show us your chore packs when you are done with them – we have been talking about getting CJ more involved with chores/rewards. Our last reward system was a FAIL. Are they like the ones the Duggars use?

  2. Yes our eating out is reserved for Sundays, when I find it all but impossible to cook a meal for either lunch or supper based on church services. We usually eat a big lunch and just snack at suppertime. I will share our Chorepacks when they are done and yes, they are the same thing that the Duggers use. I will ask David if there is a way to post my February menu for all to see.

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