Not a Coat to be Seen

Let me start by saying praise God for yesterday!  Besides being a good day at church it was lovely outside and just what my seasonal funk needed.  I wish I could have bottled it up to last me through the next two months or so that we have left of winter.  Have I mentioned that I’m not fond of winter?  I made sure the B’s got their fair share of time outside yesterday.  I even woke B4 up from her nap to have some playtime outdoors since it’s been way too long since she’s been able to play out.

Notice her dirty face and uncombed hair, that’s how we like to do it here.  There was not a coat to be seen yesterday and very few socks.  Some people may have overdone it a bit

with their choice of clothing and possibly with the unplanned exercise.

I was happy to dust the camera off and take some photos again.

This was B3’s first time riding on the zip line.

I hope you were able to enjoy the weather yesterday it was just lovely.

Now a couple of other things.

Could you please join me in prayer for my grandmother who is in the hospital?  We would appreciate your prayers.

If you haven’t heard of this book you’re missing out.  I’m over halfway through it and already inspired.  I can and will name my everyday gifts (blessings) out loud (or in words in this case) .  So be prepared.

1. The smallest shadows

Have a thankful week!

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