What You Said?

Not a day goes by that something funny comes out of the mouth of these blessings of ours.  I wanted to share a couple with you tonight.

They are so cute when they are forming sentences, sayings and phrases.

B3 looked at Casey Sunday and responded to her, What you said Mamma?

While in Sunday School Sunday B1 said someone got adultnapped in the Bible.  My immediate definition went to someone who is older than a kid getting abducted.

B1 told me tonight that I needed to wear a coat because the church we were going to didn’t allow men to wear girl colors.  This one just makes me laugh.  I was wearing a purple shirt and the church does not discriminate against girl colors.

We told B3 the other night that he needed to eat his green beans.  His response was that he didn’t like green beans.  We told him that they liked him.  “Well mama, they told me that they didn’t want me to eat them.”

It always amazes me that no matter what they come up with in terms of phrases I almost always know what they are talking about.  So are they just using common sense or is my mind on the same level as theirs?  Don’t answer that one.

2 thoughts on “What You Said?

  1. So Austin was staring at Parker the other morning while they were eating breakfast and Parker says to Austin, “Stop staring at me like I’m famous.” Yeah-we are amazed at what comes out of their mouths sometimes!!

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