Mobile Cleanup

Casey inspired me to finally clean off some pictures from my iPhone.  Enjoy these pictures that have been collecting for the past few months.

This is a live action shot of grandma going down the zipline after being dared by the boys.

I caught the boys sitting down while we were shopping for bath accessories at Home Depot.  B1 jumped up before I could get the shot.

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get in terms of chairs around here.

B3 is so bright he has to do his nightly devos in shades.

One of our date nights at Starbucks.  I think they should use this for a marketing picture.

She rarely does this so I had to take a picture.  I’m pretty sure someone took a toy away and this was the brief moment before she went for revenge.

This past year at the Christmas Party my office gave me the First Annual Sarah Palin Award for Outstanding Toeken Office Conservative.

I had to take B3 to the restroom at church during the Sunday Night Service and I turned the corner to go downstairs and saw this.  I was startled for a second with the horse staring at us.

If you come by the house when it snows you may be blinded by the tie dye.  Beware.  At least I will be able to find her easily in the snow.

Rocky 18.  B3 is in training.

What?  How do you keep the hair out of your eyes when you get a haircut?

B4 decided to start eating real food when we took a trip to the beach after Christmas.  This is at Sticky Fingers and she is gnawing on some ribs.

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