Are social networks making us less social

When is the last time you wrote a note by hand? How about calling a friend to tell them something? A step further, walking to a neighbors house to see how they are doing. Everything around us tells us that we are a more social generation than the previous because we are so “connected”. Are these connections as strong as those in the past?

People don’t know their neighbors anymore. Things compete for our time to keep us in the house. Almost all new homes come complete with garages. You come home you pull into the garage you walk into your house. No interaction with others. For us to be so connected we are not much for human connection. All these connections are virtual. Don’t get me wrong, technology has improved some communication. I just don’t feel this communication or connections are solid connections.

I am on the computer most of the day, but I am trying to do something radical. I am trying to work on my offline connections. Number 1, I have to work on my connection with God. This is the most important connection we have. If that connection has trouble all of our connections will be in trouble. Second, my connection with my wife. Next, my connection with my family.

This was mainly just a thought getting posted, straight from mind to keyboard. What are your thoughts on how true connections differ from virtual connections?

One thought on “Are social networks making us less social

  1. Good Morning! I feel 100% the way you do about this. I have lost opportunities to stay in touch with dear friends because I refused to get “connected” on Face book and twitter. It is just not personal. And here I am typing instead of calling you guys! Shame on me, but I do like checking your blog, it is real life, that is what I appreciate about it, and it has a spiritual help to us who read it.

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