When Church Isn't Enough

I’ve read some interesting articles lately about children who have grown up in church their whole lives only to realize in their teenage or later years that they really have no personal relationship with God.  I find this disturbing yet very convincing.  The overall consensus on why this is happening is simple, parents have decided that it’s the church’s responsibility to teach their children about Christ.  Taking our children to church three times a week simply isn’t enough.  Expecting our children to come to a knowledge of Christ through Sunday School and Children’s Church is not enough. Church is a large part of our lives as Christians but it’s not solely the church responsibility to teach our children about Christ.

Are we living the Christian life for our kids to see or are we just telling them about how they should live with no real example of it in our own homes?  Do we tell our children how they should depend on God for all of their needs only to have them see us make hasty decisons in our lives without even one prayer about it?  Do we tell our children to always put God first only to have them see us choosing baseball practice over Wednesday night service?  Do our children see us telling others about the things that God has done for us, do they see us witnessing to others, serving others, praying for others?  Do we pray with our children about the things going on in their lives, do we teach them to pray about future spouses and careers?

Our well “churched” children are losing their faith or discovering that they never had any to begin with and as a parent that frightens me.  Please join me tonight in prayer for our children.  Pray that we continue to train them in His way by living His way!

2 thoughts on “When Church Isn't Enough

  1. good morning, I really appreciate this post. We are noticing the same problem. People I grew up with in church (not dad’s, but before) are not living the life that they professed as young people. It is so sad and so scary! I will pray with you guys about this, please pray for my girls. I hope you guys have a great weekend! love ya

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