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Everywhere you turn today you are going to be bombarded with news.  So many mediums exist to get your information and news.  I just have a simple question tonight.  Where do you get the majority of your news from?  I will have to admit that almost all of my news intake comes from the Internet.  I sit at a computer for the majority of the day so whether it be from a website or Twitter my news comes from the computer.

I have to be cautious at where I get my news from when I rely on the Internet.  Everything will be skewed and any Joe Schmoe can post a website these days.  The same goes for all news these days.  Each station, site, or person has their own agenda and side that they are going to tell.

Radio? TV? Newspaper? Internet?  If Internet, what sites?

I can see in my own life how I have progressed over time in getting news.  I started like most with the nightly news at 5 or 6 then later on at 11.  Then I eventually added the newspaper.  I went through a talk radio phase that lasted a couple of years.  Now, it is almost exclusive to the Internet.

Breaking news on the Internet is instant.  I don’t have to wait until a certain time of day to hear the news.  If you are interested in a certain news story you can get multiple views.  The Internet has opened up the closed system of news.  Anyone can post an update on a particular story, adding details or just giving their opinion.  Will this instant breaking news change the face of the news?  Is the newspaper going to eventually die off?

What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “News News Everywhere

  1. I get mine from Yahoo but must admit, I don’t like the news, it depresses me. If there’s anything important that I need to know, my husband or Dad will tell me 🙂

  2. I don’t watch or read news for the most part. The kids and I read God’s World News in school, otherwise I rely on my husband for important stuff.

  3. I get my news from TV, radio, printed newspapers, and sometimes online. I’ve recently started to listen to talk radio and have discovered how biased that is.

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