Mind Dump Monday

– No posts from us this past weekend.  It’s not because we were busy, it’s just because we were enjoying some family time together.

– We did have some company over this weekend.  We’ve known this couple for a while but had never had them over before.  They don’t have any children yet so I was a bit concerned about how they would react to all of the busyness of our house.  They were great sports and such blessings to have over.

– We schooled outside today and it was lovely, windy, and refreshing and we only had to run after a few papers.

– I have to finish up my monthly meal plan for March tonight.  So far it’s working very well.  It’s much easier to shop for groceries and it’s been nice knowing each day what I need to be fixing without much thought.  B1 has requested that he get 2 cereal breakfasts a month so I’ll try to accomodate.  I’m hoping once I get two whole months laid out I can just alternate the two changing just a few things for each season.

– I have posion oak on my arm.  I got it two weekends ago although it didn’t rear it’s itching head until last Wednesday.  I’m highly allergic, I spent a large part of my childhood a muted pink color.  This case hasn’t been too bad and I’ve managed not to pass it on to anyone else and not to spread it to every inch of my body.

– My brother has been very sick for three weeks now with something unknown.  I desire your prayers from him as he’s slowly recovering from whatever it is.

– I’m going on an overnight trip alone this summer.  It will certainly be a first for me since I became a mother.  My husband was so gracious to buy me a ticket for this and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m reminded about how blessed I am to have a husband who is will willing to take his kids by himself and enjoy every minute of it.  Thank you dear.

– I’m still putting my everyday blessings on paper.  Some I share with you guys and some I don’t but I’m still working on it and what a wonderful way it’s been for me to worship Him.

– B4 practices her faces at night in the mirror during bath time.  This is her mean face.

Impressive right?

Okay I’m off to work on my meal plan.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and get some rest!

7. Watching an 18-month-old run.


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