Happy Birthday B2!

A day of camouflage and sweets.  Have you ever spray painted frosting with food coloring spray cans?  I’m getting better at it.  B2 being our creative cake man he requested a cookie cake bottom with cupcakes.  On top of that army men and a guard tower.  I’ll let Casey post the pictures of her masterpiece later on.

Everyone had a great day and we ended up picking up food from O’Charlies and watching a movie he got for his birthday.  Casey told him the reason he likes O’Charlies so much is because that was the first meal she had in the hospital after he was born.  As I’m typing this I can hearing the rolling of the rock tumbler that apparently takes a week to smooth a rock.  They have grand ideas with the rocks they are tumbling.  You may see them again soon.

Any day when you can spend a majority of the time outside in this household is a good day.  B4 just loves running around out in the grass.  She ran around with a football for awhile while the boys were flying B2’s new copter.  Unfortunately the copter took a dive in the creek at one point and it may have shorted out.  We are still hoping it will dry out and work.

Maybe Casey will post later on what was going through her head 8 years ago around this time.  I know we were feeling the same fear of bringing a new born home with a one year old waiting for us.  How will B1 adjust?  Will he miss out on our attention?  God had a plan and it was a perfect plan.  Thank God for His blessings!

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