Overheard in the Household

B2 got a sewing kit and a pillow for his birthday Saturday.  He started putting it together Sunday afternoon.  I showed him how to thread his needle and he returned after he had finished stitching and stuffing.  I showed him how to do the whip stitch to finish it off.  As he was walking downstairs I heard him tell B1, “If you cut yourself I can give you stitches!”

B3 came to breakfast yesterday morning and told everyone to start calling him Abraham Lincoln.

B3 wanted a new water bottle to go in his backpack.  I told him I had some at work but he had to be good before I would bring one home.  “I play nice”  was his reply.

“What is the answer to number 3?  What? How did they get that?”  Sad, but true, this was me trying to “help” B1 with his math.

“I ate doughnuts out of the trash can.  What?  They were in tinfoil.”  No, this was not me…..

I will end on that one.  What have you heard around your household lately?

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