In Which I Admit, I Lack Pork Knowledge

I usually begin craving seasonal food a bit before the time actually arrives.  I crave turkey in October, I crave our summer sherbet in spring and just last week I begin to crave ham (ya know for Easter).  So I bought a ham when I ordered groceries last week and Monday I was all ready to cook said ham.  It was labeled fresh picnic ham.  I put a nice dry rub on the outside and wrapped it in four layers of tin foil and put it on low on the grill for a few hours.  I’ll admit it looked a little strange, not what I was expecting out of a ham but I figured that the grill would do wonders and turn it into the perfect ham I was hoping for; sliced tonight for supper then leftover for sandwiches later in the week.

After a few hours on the grill I could tell the “ham” was falling right off the bone so I proceeded to open it up and take a look.  My much anticipated “ham” looked more like something you should sauce and throw between two pieces of bread and some slaw.  Yes, I had made pulled pork.  Who know that you could buy a cut of pork call “ham” and it not really be a ham but in fact just be a pork roast?  Okay don’t answer that because I’m sure most of you knew that.  Google reassured me that I would need to buy a cured ham to have ham otherwise I’d just have pork.

Monday night we had barbecue.  It was not ham, but it was good. My family used to raise pigs and make sausage.  I was young, I just played with the piglets, that’s all I’m saying.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Admit, I Lack Pork Knowledge

  1. I wouldn’t have known the difference either! 🙂 The sad part to that is a couple of years ago we raised our own hogs! Ha! We only raise cattle now, and I can tell you quit a bit about beef!

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