Do You Coupon?

Last night as I was attempting to take a mental break from the days activities and waiting for my husband to get off of a phone call when I happened upon the TLC show Extreme Couponing.  And can I just say that this show made me feel totally guilty.  Guilty that I am not saving this enormous amount of money on my groceries.  I felt like a total failure in the grocery shopping department, like I should be fired from my housewifely duty of shopping for groceries.  I won’t even try to go into the details of how these people can spend less than $10.00 on a $200.00 grocery bill, let’s just say it involved lots of binders, folders, calculators  and scissor time.  I was awe struck.  Now granted they have to have lots of room in their house to be able to store all of their great buys but one lady said that she hadn’t paid for deodorant or toothpaste in 34 years.  Something about having a coupon, doubling the coupon, the store having the item on sale, having 20 coupons, buying 20 deodorants, anyway some how she ended up getting them all for free.  FREE, I say.  It’s crazy, it’s fantastic, it’s a full time job, but for these people it’s like a game.

I used to use coupons rather frequently but at some point I guess it became too much trouble.  Now I pretty much never use coupons but instead always buy things on sale.  I have to say this program made me at least consider adding back in some couponing, although nothing to that degree, just because I feel like I need to use our money wisely and save every penny that we can.  So tell me what your thoughts are on this.  Do you coupon?  If so, at what degree to you coupon?  Just an average couponer or one that uses multiples of the same coupon and goes to more than one store a week to get the best deals?  What are your couponing tips?  Do you really save a lot of money or do you end up buying stuff you otherwise wouldn’t because you can get it cheap?

I loved this quote from one of the couponing ladies that had been doing it most of her life  and who started out necessity because she was a single mother.  When people tell her they don’t have time to clip and save and use all of those coupons she says “You’ve never been hungry enough then”.

9 thoughts on “Do You Coupon?

  1. I use, she posts all the deals, where to find the coupons, and if the deal is good enough for me to pursue, I do! 🙂 I’ve gotten over 20 HUGE packs of wipes using her deal savy

  2. I personally don’t have the time to devote to know what is on sale, who’s doubling coupons and what I can do to get a GREAT deal. I do use coupons and I try to buy things when they are on sale but I don’t go out of my way to save like that. I would love to have a grocery success story but I can’t find the time to do the research.

  3. kelly, that site does all of it for you. You have no work other than printing the coupon and actually going to the store 🙂

  4. I left out a big important word in that first comment. I got 20 huge packs of wipes FOR FREEEEEEE. Huggies refill packs.

  5. We definitely coupon. I got a shampoo and conditioner just yesterday for $.45 TOGETHER! Make it fun and have the kids help. They can categorize your coupons. I must admit I have one of the huge binders! When the weekly specials come out you can work as a team to see how low you can get items that you need!

    Hope all is well!

  6. My husband put that show on for me to watch last week. (I think he was trying to hint at something!) At first I was amazed at how much each person on the show saved. But then it appalled me a bit. Not that I am against saving money, or getting items for free- but is it necessary to buy 150 boxes of pasta and 70 some jars of sauce just to store in your house! I couldn’t eat through that amount in two years! The episode I saw showed most of the people hoarding their goods like there was going to be a famine in our near future. All I could think was- what about donating some items to local food banks?
    Don’t get me wrong, the show did inspire me and made me want to start shopping better. I have heard that is a good site to use too. (Just haven’t been diligent enough about using it–yet!) I might have to check out the other site that was mentioned above too. When I have the time….! 🙂
    Thanks for letting me rant! LOL!

  7. That’s a very good point and I remember thinking the same thing. I did actually see one guy get 1,000 boxes of cereal for $100.00 that he donated to a local food bank. Yes some people were going a bit farther than the normal stocking up and really if you’re getting these items for free, why not help others.

  8. So Angie maybe I could throw a couple of couponing questions your way. First off, I see that lots of store double/triple coupons but most coupons I see say “Do Not Double/Triple”, so where are people getting coupons that can be doubled/tripled? Also, most of my coupons say “Only one coupon per purchase”, so how are people buying tons of items with multiples of the same coupon? Are these people misusing the coupons and taking advantage of the system or what?

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