Bird Watching

I’ll admit that I have heard of people bird watching in the past and I probably made fun of those people.  So when B2 was adamant about going bird watching today I was less than excited.  We finished everything we had to get done and he was ready to go with his binoculars and bird book in hand.  I was looking forward to spending time with him, but I didn’t really care too much for the birds.  B1 was refusing to go until I promised him he could shoot his BB gun after we went.

First off we spotted a few cardinals which are very common around here.  I’m not talking about the reddish brown cardinals these things are the reddest red you have ever seen.  OK, I’m kind of getting into this.  B2 has his binoculars out and I’m looking the birds up in the book and making a list of the birds we see.

We walk a little further and B1 spots a pigeon.  He is now hooked too.  We walk to the next man hole and stand there for awhile.  B2 finds what he thinks is a Chickadee, but B1 quickly flips in the book and finds what type it was.

We all three had a great time and ended up seeing about 7 different kinds of birds including a crow, cardinal, sparrow, chickadee, woodpecker, pigeon.  Try something new and you may be surprised!

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