The Dreaded Oral Book Report

Today B1 and B2 had to do their first ever oral book report.  Did you just get chills with those words?  We spent last week really working hard on getting the books finished and the reports written.  Of course they do their fair share of practicing too.  With this being their first report we kept it very simple.  Seven short and simple note cards that they wrote themselves explaining the book that they had read.  I offered little help.  Of course we all know that, that was the easy part.

This morning we met with some others from our homeschool group and the kids stood up and presented their book reports or a story in which they had written themselves.  The boys, along with all the other kids there, done wonderfully.  So their volume was a little low, something which we will continue to work on, but they both happily got through their reports and where proud of doing it when they were finished.  But don’t get me wrong this was not an easy task.  B2 was not fazed too much by the idea of having to stand and report about his book, I think he was actually eager to do it.  B1 on the other hand, is our shy guy and was not too fond of the idea.

I’m proud of both boys today for their hard work.  I’m especially proud of B1 because I know the internal struggles that he had to overcome to stand up and present today.  Public speaking is not something that most people enjoy and even people that may now enjoy it probably didn’t at some point in their life.  So how to you feel about speaking in public?  Any stories of speaking in your past?

One thought on “The Dreaded Oral Book Report

  1. I was very shy in elementary school and hated when I had to speak in front of the class. Now that I speak quite frequently in front of people it is much easier, but I have to share this story. Once I did a storytelling program for middle schoolers and was quite nervous. It had been a few years since I had spoken to this age. Fifteen minutes into the program I noticed one young Hispanic boy who kept his eyes on me the entire time. I thought, wow I certainly have his attention. At the end of the program when I asked if there were any questions he raised his hand. He asked, “Is that necklace you have on real silver?” So he wasn’t hanging onto every word, but I thought he was. Ever after, I told children keep your eyes on me and make me think you’re listening even if your mind is a thousand miles away.

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