Your Daily Calendar

We have posted in the past of B2’s fascination with Benjamin Franklin.  I came across a page out of his daily calendar today.  I have been reading a book, Getting Things Done by David Allen basically detailing his GTD system.  It has been pretty good so far.  What caught my eye about Ben Franklin’s schedule below is the first and last thing on the daily routine.

The morning question.  What good shall I do this day?  The evening question.  What good have I done today?  Those are good questions to ask ourselves every day, no doubt.  I would propose us asking a different question morning and evening.  What am I going to do today to glorify God?  and What have I done today to glorify God?

This also makes me think of stories of Charles Spurgeon who was convicted to witness to at least one person per day and would not rest until he did so. There are accounts of Charles readying for bed and noticing it was almost midnight, when he grabbed on clothes and headed outside to find some one to share the Gospel with. He promptly hit the street and found a person to witness to.

So, when you wake up in the morning ask yourself, “What am I going to do to glorify God today?”

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