There's a hole under that rock

We must have really been bored at our old house.  One day I finally got tired of that rock that was in the front yard.  I took a shovel out of the garage and started to dig it up.  It got dark before I was done so I vowed to return tomorrow.  The boys had helped with their little shovels and we went to bed that night defeated.  We woke up the next morning ready to return to the rock in the yard.

We needed to come at the rock with a different strategy this time.  The night before we were trying to dig up the rock.  Today I was going to try and get an outline of the rock.  Time passes, we take breaks to ride bikes and play and we give up on the rock for the day.  Before I started I wanted to see how big the rock was, now I was determined to get this rock out of the ground.

A couple days pass and we get back to the rock.  Here on out I will refer to the “rock” as a boulder.  After we had got the outline of the boulder it was huge.  It was as long and wide as my Jeep.  I never got to the bottom of it.  I was still digging.  Then I stopped for a second.  You could say I got a realization.  What in the world am I going to do with this boulder if I get it out?  I’m not going to be able to move it.  If I do move it we are going to have a huge crater in the middle of our front yard.  So accepting my defeat I started piling the dirt back on the boulder.  For added measure I mixed in some grass seed.

Have you ever started on a project and hit a point of realization?

One thought on “There's a hole under that rock

  1. Funny thing is that at this point in our lives if we were to have a boulder in our front yard we would just see it as a climbing toy for the kids. You live and learn.

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