Room to Breathe

Last Saturday we loaded up all the B’s and took a short drive into the country.  We’re planting a garden this year at my grandma’s house and we needed to do some work to the land.  There wasn’t much that the kids and I could do this time so this particular trip ended up being free time at Memaw’s house, which the kids just love.

This is my husband on a tractor, not a sight you see everyday, he could certainly get used to it though.  My day consisted of taking some pictures, walking around with the little kids, and sitting with my grandma watching the kids do things like this.

In this family we love wide open spaces.  The kids can run, explore, and just do their own thing.  B1 and B2 were busy chasing geese, exploring the pond, and fishing.  The older I get the more I love the country and the less I like the city.  It’s never worked out for us to live in the country but it’s always been a desire of my husband.  There was no traffic, no sirens, no trains, it was just quiet and peaceful.  It was a Saturday where we had some room to breathe and it was lovely.

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