We have all been at that place in our lives, where the expenses outweigh the income.  Our family has gone through financial downsizing over the years whether it was cutting back on groceries, canceling cable, readjusting cell phone bills or something more substantial.  It is like anything else in life if you don’t stop at some point and reevaluate everything things can get out of hand.  I’m sure at some point I will post more on this topic, but I mostly wanted to share something that was on tv tonight.

We usually turn on the tv for background noise at night.  It usually stays on one of three channels HGTV, foodnetwork or TLC.  Tonight we left it on HGTV and the show House Hunters was on.  A family in Georgia had to downsize because the husband had lost his job.  They were selling their $700k home and looking for a home in the $400k range.  The first house was a 3200 sq ft. home that was very large.  When the husband and wife got into the master bedroom suite of the new home the wife had an immediate comment. “There is only one toilet in here”

I apologize from taking this from a serious post to a humorous one.  I looked at Casey and just laughed at the thought of having two toilets in our master bathroom.  I can’t say that I’ve been in a lot of million dollar homes or any for that matter.  But I can honestly say that I have never been in a bathroom that had more than one toilet.  The closest is being in a bathroom that had a toilet and a bidet.

Anyway, we made some adjustments with our cell phone plans this week in hopes of saving some money every month.  We are always looking for places to save money.  I mean all our bathrooms only have one toilet…..

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