Question Friday

When it comes to friends for our children we always liked to keep it simple.  We have a handful of families that we share common bonds with.  We have the same beliefs, the same standards, of course we may differ on issues such as education but for the most part we share a common goal concerning raising our children in a Biblical way.  We can get together with these families and fellowship as Christians and I can feel good about the influences these kids bring. Those are our kid’s friends, other of course than each other.  I like it that way, it works that way.  We’re always up for adding to this group when we encounter families that share these common goals with us.

Here’s tonight’s question.

How would you react to children showing up at your door asking to play with your children, keeping in the mind that you’ve never seen/met these children before and they’ve never seen/met your children before?  You’re not even sure where they live at.


2 thoughts on “Question Friday

  1. My first gut reaction would to say “no-you can’t play with my kids”. But I would hope that I would ask some questions-where do you live, what are your names, where are your parents….etc and then make my decision. Has this happened to you?

  2. Yes, I actually told the kids no because the boys had just gotten home at the time and they proceeded to ask if they could play on the zipline anyway. Needless to say, that didn’t happen either.

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