Just a Few Things..

-First of all everyone is invited to our church tomorrow (Welcome Baptist Church, Hillsborough) for Friends and Family Day.  If you don’t currently have a church home we would love to have you join us for this special service.

– I love this post I read this week, it was such a help to me and very similar to a sermon we heard not long ago at church.

– Amanda from I am Mommy is expecting a little bundle very soon, she wrote this cute post on how to plan for a new baby, um or not.

– Ever have a hard time getting everyone ready for church on time?   Here are some good tips to keep in mind.  I’m thinking our Pastor would really appreciate this one, yeah yours probably would too.

– For when you just don’t know how to keep going.  This family is blessing me as they work through a terrible tragedy in their family.  Their giving God the glory and he’s walking with them through it all as promised.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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