Food Desires

Sometimes David and I will sit around at night and talk about what food would be good at the moment.

It’s goes something like this:

David – Mt. Dew slushy from Sheetz.

Me – Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili’s.

David – Hot fudge Sunday from the Girardelli store in San Francisco.

Me- Yum!

Or it could be a savory day, if we’re really hungry.

Me – Bread, red sauce, and salad from Maria’s.

David – Some kind of manly burger from various different places.

Me – Southwestern egg rolls from Chili’s

David – Chips and salsa

It’s kinda tortuous and I’m not even sure why we would put ourselves through the conversation.  It’s probably also bad that we get so happy about food.  Of course I never desire things that I actually have to cook and we rarely eat out so it’s not like we get to eat these things very often.  The good thing is rarely do we ever succumb to the desires.  So what are your favorite foods right now and where do you get them at?

6 thoughts on “Food Desires

  1. chips and salsa, and I prefer a bag of UTZ circle tortilla chips, mild chunky salsa, and some sour cream.

    My out to eat food is the whiskey river BBQ chicken wrap from Red Robin.

  2. Grandpa keeps bringing home Little Debbie cakes. He says, “They’re for the grandchildren.” I have no will power when I know those cakes are hiding in the cabinet. Yesterday I tore the front panel from the box and wrote Little Debbie a message, “You are evil. You want me to eat and gain and become BIG, while you stay forever little.” I drew a big X over her face and changed her name to Big Debbie. I posted it on the fridge. I resisted the temptation to eat one of her cakes … until last night.

  3. You guys are making me hungry.
    Grandma I grew up on Little Debbie’s when my dad worked for Little Debbie, so they just aren’t the temptation for me like some people (your son). I even had a Little Debbie porcelain doll growing up. 🙂
    Yes Shelly, agreed those little buggers where addictive, Dave Ramsey makes a mean brownie. 😉

  4. Love, love, love the molten chocolate cake from Chilis. Sounds like a good place to go out for a girl’s night soon!

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