A Day in the Life of….

Some days I find it hard to blog simply because our life is just not that interesting.  To fully drive that point home here’s an exciting post about all the things that we’ve done today.

6:00 am **snicker, snicker* more like 6:30am- I came downstairs to finish up my crock-pot oatmeal that cooked overnight.  I added butter, sugar, a few more oats, and pureed strawberries.

7:00 am – Shower

7:20 am – Threw on clothes, grabbed the baby, headed downstairs to eat

7:40 am- Said goodbye to hubby, finished conversation with oldest boy about why we are going with a year round schedule in school next year and consoled B3 who cried when he realized it wasn’t Saturday and daddy did have to go to work.

8:00 am – Decided we would clean the house before school time (Thursday is clean-up day)

8:00 am – 10:30 am – Clean the house, checked the B’s chores, washed three loads of clothes, came running to B4 about 5 different times after hearing her scream “Momma” for things like her shoe falling off and a booking falling from her lap.

10:30 am – 12:30 pm – Laid B4 down for a nap, begin school work:  talked about self control during Bible time, practiced place value notation (to the hundred millions) in math, watched an eagle cam in science, listened to Treasure Island, practiced cursive letters, etc.

1:00 pm – Met David for a quick car lunch of Chick-fil-a, where B’s argued over chicken nuggets and fries (B3 was upset because he didn’t have honey mustard and because B1 was rationing out the shared fries)

1:30 pm – Picked up the groceries I had ordered last night.

1:35-1:45pm – Sat in line at the bank as the teller tried to tell me that he bank had changed an account number and they couldn’t find it in their system even though he was staring at the coupon for the account.  Watched B4 take her shoes and socks off while we were waiting.

2:00pm – Got home, drug groceries in the house along with B4 (who was shoeless), put groceries up, stopped 4 times to put someone else’s shoes on a pleading B4, ate 3 Coconut Dream cookies.

2:30 pm – Put clean sheets back on the B’s beds, laid little ones down for a nap, and sent the big ones downstairs for quiet time.

3:00 pm – Mended a bird with a missing eye, a bear with a missing arm, and a camouflage pillow that needed some repair.

It’s a little after 3:30 pm now and I’m sitting down to catch up on email, read a few blogs, have a short conversation over the computer with my husband.  Then it’ll be back up to get started on our baked ziti supper.  Supper clean-up, an hour of family time, bath time, devotionals, and bedtime will soon follow.

So there you are, our interesting life (or at least our typical Thursday) in a nutshell.  Have a great evening everyone!


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of….

  1. These seem like boring things in life, to some, but really when you come down to it–this is what it is all about. Every day adds up to something, and one day, we will miss the mundane tasks of each day. It’s funny, at night Mark always asks me “so what’s on your agenda for tomorrow…” and I always have the same answer..”Oh you know, just the same regular stuff..” But I wouldn’t stop doing the “regular stuff” for anything in this world. I hope one day we will see the fruit of our labor, and I hope our children will know, love, and serve the Lord with all their hearts because ultimately, that is our goal. I hope to see mine saved soon! Have a great day! I am always encouraged to read your blog:)

  2. You’re very right, I try not to take these mundane tasks for granted. This is where God has put us and I’m very thankful to be here, I couldn’t imagine not being here with the kids everyday. Thanks for reading, I appreciate you comments!

  3. I love reading all your posts. Your life is not uninteresting! Ah, my day could read something akin to wake up boys, rush out door, try not to yell because they won’t cooperate, pray I get to work on time so I don’t get written up, work 9 hours, rush to get the kids, try not to yell because the kids are screaming for food as soon as we enter the house, quickly eat, bath, bed………..sigh. The Lord knows the desires of my heart.

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