New Toys

Casey made some great Dr. Pepper Pork Quesadillas tonight!  Well, I guess that we would have to technically call it Dr. Sparkles Pork since we used generic Dr. Pepper.  The funny thing was after she used the cans B1 and B2 called dibs on the cans.  B1 wanted to go out and shoot them with his bb gun.  I wasn’t sure what B2 wanted a can for…..until bed time.

He was proud of his new toy.

I cringed thinking about him cutting that can with who knows what.  I am amazed knowing how B2 works that he didn’t slice his hand off.  I quickly congratulated him on his creativity and smarts on creating a “car” for his squirrel.  I told him that it was pretty dangerous to leave laying around with the smaller kids and we would have to trash it.  I felt bad, but that thing had to go.  We might as well have glass shards and knives sitting in the floor for the kids to play with.  Here is another picture for you to enjoy.  If you need any homemade toys for your kids let B2 know, beware though!

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