Mind Dump Monday

– David and I drove separately to church yesterday morning which is punishment in itself for not getting our act together earlier with gas prices what they are and the fact that we drive two vehicles that love gas.  I could blame it on lots of whining and crying, lost belts, neglected chores, clothes that should have been ironed the night before, among other things but when it comes down to it we should have gotten up earlier.

– This morning though, my body woke itself up at 5:50 am.  I exercised, fixed hard boiled eggs, had a cup of tea, and read my devotionals before anyone else woke up.  It was nice and quiet and was a lovely start to the morning.

– We are the proud owners of two apple trees and two blueberries bushes that we ordered from our 4H club.  I’m excited to pick a spot and get them into the ground to see what they can do!

– We  haven’t been back to our garden site yet to plow because of the crazy weather we’ve had around here lately.  Lots of rain and cold weather last week.  This week is looking better though with the exception of some more rain tomorrow.

– Does anyone else feel like it’s a long stretch between December and April with no time-off?  We’re really feeling like we need some kind of break around here.  David only gets one day off for Easter and we’ve decided not to take any days in school in order to end our year around May 13th.  It’s going to be better for us to push through right now but it’s been pretty grinding the last few weeks.  We’re planning more of a year-round schedule next year which means we’ll only take a few weeks off once we finish.  After that though, we’ll be taking about two weeks off every other month which will be nice.  We’ve decided that the long break in the summer is not the best way for us to go, so we’re going to give this a try and see how it works.  Considering that the kids are done with school around lunch time each day they really aren’t going to miss out on any summer activities anyway.

– B4 doesn’t like any of her shoes but she likes to wear B3’s shoes, his Crocs in particular.  When his shoes are missing now he knows to look on her feet.  Chances are that if she has my feet she won’t be able to fit into anyone else’s shoes later in life.

– All of the B’s raced sailboats (plastic drink bottles) in the creek today.  The water level is pretty high and the wind is blowing hard so it was a nice activity for the day.  We even discussed why certain bottles worked better than others.

– B4 waves at all creatures she sees including bumble bees and butterflies and it’s absolutely adorable.  It’s like a defense mechanism, if she doesn’t know what else to do she just waves.

– Someone asked about the Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork Roast we had the other night so I’ll send you here to the Pioneer Women’s site where I got the recipe, it was yummy.

Good night all!

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