Dream Job

I read the other day that this is the generation of “I’m a _____, but I want to be a ______.”

Is this true?  I wanted to ask a simple question for tonight, What is your dream job?

I can remember growing up that my future career plans changed almost yearly.  Marine Biologist, FBI Agent, I made a couple of trips to a Naval recruitment office, teacher and of course something with computers.  We also had to take these career placement tests in high school.  It was suppose to tell you what you were fit for in the future. I can’t remember what the test said, but I’m pretty sure it was seriously wrong.

So, What is your dream job?

2 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. I never really thought much about being a stay-at-home mom growing up. That wasn’t exactly a track that they encouraged in my high school. My career placement test said I should be a funeral director. Anyway I guess I’m doing my dream job right now so I’ll pick one for my husband instead, a job where he could work from home and we could spend more time with him.

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