How Many Marbles Are In the Jar?

Have you ever entered one of those contests where you try to guess how many marbles/m&ms/skittles are in a jar?  You know you have.  I am terrible at guessing how many items a jar can hold.  I read an article a couple of months ago about a man who used marbles and a jar to remind him of how short life is.

I really envy the time that Casey gets to spend with the kids.  OK, maybe envy is such a strong word, I long for the time with the kids that Casey gets to have on a daily basis.  You know how the weekdays go with a family, quality time is at a bare minimum.  That is why Saturday and Sundays are so important.  The article I referred to early took it a step further and applied it to our kids.  My brother is the math major in the family so bare with me here.

How many Saturdays do we have with our kids?  We will say 18 Years x 52 weeks and it equals 936 Saturdays so 936 marbles.  Wow that is a lot!  OK, well B1 is 9 so we need to take away half of the marbles.  Those Saturdays are gone, we can’t have them back.  468 Marbles in his jar.  Each one of those marbles is special, unique.  It represents one Saturday that is gone and in the past.  I can waist that time “recharging my batteries”, having me time, playing golf, fishing, etc.  Whatever I decide to use that time on is another Saturday that I won’t be able to get back and another marble out of the jar.

We as parents hold those marbles in our hands.  Right now it may look like a huge number of marbles in a jar, but that number will slowly dwindle down.  I don’t want to look back at an empty jar and wish that I could get those marbles back.  I don’t want to regret how I spent the precious time God has given me to spend with my family.

I challenge you tonight to count how many Saturdays/marbles you have left with your kids.  I know we don’t have many dads who read the blog, but I encourage you to nudge the importance of time.  We all have to be nudged sometimes.  We have a marble before us this weekend.  It is a unique marble that we will have to remove out of the jar after the weekend.  Will we throw it in the trash as a wasted one or make the most out of it an hold it as a special memory?

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