Setting Some Ground Rules

As our children are growing older we’ve found it necessary to set some ground rules concerning things that we allow and don’t allow in our family.  We feel like making some decisions ahead of time before the situation arises and making sure that the kids understand these rules will be easier than dealing with a new situation in the moment. A few examples of this may be:

1. sleepovers or no sleepovers

3. allowing them to watch movies over the G level or not

4. allowing them to watch any t.v. show after 8:00 pm or not

5.  allowing them to go on overnight vacations with other families or not

For older children

6. allowing them to ride with an inexperienced driver or not

7. allowing them to attend dances, proms, or other similar activities or not

8. allowing them to go to movies without parents or not

9.  allowing them to go to concerts or not

So what are your thoughts on these things.  Will you make these rules ahead of time or deal with each situation as it arises?  What rules have you already established in your family that maybe I haven’t even thought about yet?

One thought on “Setting Some Ground Rules

  1. Our oldest child is 9, so we haven’t had to make to many of these choices yet, but we do already know how we will handle most. We don’t allow our children to sleepover at someone else’s home, we always ask their friends to come here. We watch movies first then decide if they are appropriate for our children.

    One of our biggest things is that we do everything as a family (or at least with one parent). We feel it is very important for children to be supervised (at all ages) because there is so much danger and as they are older there is so much temptation. So we experience everything together! This has really brought us closer and we enjoy being together as a family. Of course, I do thinnk the fact that we homeschool encourages those feelings! 🙂 Our children don’t really know any different because we’ve always been together!

    Don’t know if that gave you any ideas, just my thoughts on it!
    Have a blessed day!

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