Being Grateful

We’ve written about it on the blog, I’ve done devotionals about it, I’ve preached on the topic and yet I find myself slap in the middle of being ungrateful at times. A couple of weeks ago I met Casey and the kids for lunch. I picked up Chic-Fila and met them halfway between both of us in a parking lot. I ordered a nuggets combo with Coke and some honey mustard sauce for myself. The kids were being rambunctious and loud and we started passing out food. B1 and B3 were sharing something and arguing the whole time. I took a sip of my Coke and it was Diet Dr Pepper. That stuff is just gross. They didn’t put any dipping sauce or ketchup in the bag either. I had a pity party for about a second until something happened. It had to be the Holy Spirit just laying a whipping on me. Questions came rushing to my mind and to my heart. Are you seriously complaining about this food? Are you complaining about this time with your family? Do you know how many people would love a meal like this? Do you know how many people would love for one last visit with their family? The questions came pouring in at once. I had not said a word of complaint with my mouth but it was felt in my head and heart.

I see these reactions at work everyday. People getting bent out of shape over the most meaningless things. Maybe it is because they don’t have the same vision as I do. It may be the most important thing to them at the time. All I can do is pray. Pray for my ungrateful heart pray for others that their vision will be placed on things that are eternal not just temporal.

If you find an ungrateful feeling creeping in take the time to give thanks! Maybe you will bypass the whipping like I got.

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