Friday Photos

So, I’ve been a little slack about posting pictures lately but that’s only because I’ve been a little slack about taking pictures lately.  But I did manage to dig through a few on the camera to have something to show you guys.

Some kids like to make strange faces in the camera so that you will show their strange face back to them through the display.  B3’s hair is so light that it always fades into the background in pictures but he really does have hair.

We went field tripping this week to Camp Chestnut Ridge, the kids got to dig through compost and “fish” for aquatic animals in the pond.  It was totally their kind of field trip.  We also got to see a trebuchet in action.

B4 is such a girly girl but she certianly does like playing at the creek, with her hands.

And the biggest news of all.  B4 has enough hair to wear a hair bow.

Wondering where B1 is in all of the photos?  He manages to elude all of my pictures but we really do take him along with us and he has a good time, he’s just gotten very picky about being photographed.  He’s instead practicing taking his own photos like this one.


Pretty nice huh?  Unless of course you don’t like insects.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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