Monday Mind Dump

Put a red X on the door!  This house has been filled with sickness for the past week.  Stopped up heads, running noses and ear infections!  Hopefully everyone is on the mend.

We had Easter supper at my parents house tonight and on the way home we got stopped by a train.  We had already joked about everyone’s head being stopped up.  Casey was having trouble giving a spelling test today because no one could hear.  I pulled up to the railroad crossing and the arms started coming down.  I thought Casey yelled out “Go” and I hesitated and almost went.  I gave her a confused look.  She said she was answering a question for B2 in the backseat.  She had said “No” not “Go”.  I hope this stuff clears up soon.

We missed Church yesterday because everyone was sick.  I hate missing church, but we had a good time talking about Palm Sunday at home.  I may be feeling under the weather this week, but I am taking time to reflect on what this week means.  I hope you will do the same.  Please join us for Easter services at Church Sunday!

I hope everyone fared well in the storm from this past weekend.  The stories coming out from around here are amazing.  I’m sure you have seen the pictures from Lowe’s in Sanford.  I’m praying for the lost life, recovery and rebuilding.

B4 got a new pair of pink crocs tonight.  Let’s just say she is showing them off to everyone.  We were eating and she pulled her foot out from under the table and lifted her shoes over top of the table.

We are proud of B1 and B2 that reached the National Level in the Presidential Fitness Awards.  They will get certificates signed by President Obama.  B1 asked if he could get his signed by George Bush.

B1 and B2 were excited that Casey cut off their torn up jeans to make jean shorts.  I am happy too!  Recycling jeans.

Have you seen the extreme coupon show?  That is crazy!

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