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You’ll have to excuse me today as my brain is only functioning at about 50%, the mucus has overtaken the rest.  We’re still trying to get well here, some are better and some aren’t (David and I would be the aren’ts).  Just wanted to share a quick thought about something we’re learning this week in school.

This week in our character study we’re talking about controlling your own emotions.  This is an interesting topic, I’m discovering, for two reasons.  First of all I’ve never really thought about teaching this or that this is something to be taught.  Secondly, many adults I know have a huge problem with controlling their emotions but people just look at that as their personality not really as  a character flaw.

We all know those people right?  Or maybe you are one of those people (no judgment here), those people who get overly emotional about everything.  When these people are angry, happy, depressed, frightened, lonely you certainly know it.  We have one child who tends to be this way already.  Everything is exaggerated in his mind and that translates into his emotions.  This has been a good lesson for him, he’s beginning to understand why this is not really a good quality to have.

Often when we think about this in a negative light we automatically go to anger.  Sure it’s easy to see why getting overly angry can be a problem.  But, as B2 pointed out today how about being overly frightened about something and letting that stop you from doing things for God.  How about people who get overly sad/depressed, that makes it all but impossible to be an effective witness to someone.

Controlling you emotions, it’s definitely something to think about.

4 thoughts on “Self Control – Emotions

  1. Thanks for such a thought provoking idea. I want to talk with you about this at some point. I think the degree that you learn to control your emotions definitely shapes your personality.

  2. We never really understood that “having self control” is talked about in the Bible when it says to have temperance. Never gave that a thought at all until our pastor explained that in a sermon one day. Ever since then, it has been an ongoing effort and a daily thing with the kids. When they are all super excited about something–“sweety, you need to have some self control!” But, unfortunately, I have to work on this myself!! I’m not a drama queen, but my attitude is not always giving the right message, so I have to “die daily to self”!! What “character” lessons do you use? I have been thinking about what we should use other the Bible

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