In Preparation

We wait patiently, my oldest and I, as the doctor adds more goop to my belly and again starts searching for the quick swishing sound.  He gives reassuring smiles as he moves the doppler around and around and finally for about 30 seconds we hear the familiar sound we’ve been waiting for.  Finally I take a deep breath and it’s all new again.  There’s really someone in there that we don’t yet know, someone who will change our lives for the better again.  A new little heartbeat such a refreshing sound and yet in preparation of this Easter my mind goes to the cross.

This little heartbeat that I don’t know yet, I’m not willing to give it up.  Not for all the riches in this world and certainly not for the people of this world.  Give up my little heartbeat for people who are mean, sinful, nasty, hateful?  I think not.  I’m protecting this heartbeat and the other four that I do know with all that I have, not willing to sacrifice not one of them for the ugliness of this world.

I’m selfish but thank God that He wasn’t.  Are you preparing your heart for this Easter?

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